Christmas Leave (2)

Episode 17 – Life on the Watercress Line – Christmas Leave (2)

Welcome to Christmas Leave (2), where I have the opportunity to travel with servicemen and their families at Christmas. Some are travelling back to base and others are going home for a few days.

There are all types of people in Christmas Leave (2), in addition to the military I meet the entertainer at Alresford, a black marketeer, the police and many others.

I get the opportunity to talk to some of the passengers who are out for the day. Some of the story takes place on the train and other parts at Ropley and Alresford stations.

If you enjoy this podcast please visit the Watercress Line on the weekend of 15th/16th June 2019 for War on the Line. This year commemorates the 75th Anniversary of the D Day landings. There will be lots to see at the stations and a regular train service. Full details on the Watercress Line website – click here.

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To visit the Watercress Line website please follow this link Watercress Line.

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Training – Your Big Project

Your Big Project – Series 1 Episode 10 – Training

Welcome to Training, talk Ten in the series ‘Your Big Project‘. Hopefully this series of podcasts will improve the chances of success for your project. We always consider the good, the bad and the extremely ugly!

You need to have excellent training if your project is to have any chance of success. Far too often people skimp on training with disastrous results. Skimping on training can kill a successful business.

Problems include:
  • Boring training materialpeople are turned off
  • Material does not explain the Why properly this results in no buy in
  • People don’t understand the importance of ‘Best Practice’
  • Training is not seen as a critical activity – even seen as optional

You need to ensure that everyone involved in the project can deliver the  material effectively. This includes you! If you can’t use the system properly you’ll have no ‘street cred’.

Lots of practical work is essential to show future users the look and feel of the system – it is essential that they can use it. Test people’s ability to use the system. Fail those who don’t pass the tests. Failures must not use the system.

Please click on the link to access the .PDF slide pack for this talk:

Click on the link to view presentation 10 – Training

The talk is based on the experience I have gained through my involvement in a number of systems projectsI hope that you find it useful.

I hope that you gain ideas from the successes and failures of others and that you have a life changing success.

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