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Welcome to About the MrT Podcast Studio, an overview of the podcast streams found on this site:

  • UK Rail Journeys
  • US Rail Journeys
  • Talking History
  • Talking Business
  • The MrT’s Gardening Year
  • Potpourri – a miscellany
  • Life on the Watercress Line
  • Surrey’s Greener Future

UK Rail Journeys

This stream is about railway journeys across the length and breadth of the UK.

In the first series I take a short holiday to north west Wales with The Steam Dreams Rail Co on The Welsh Dragon.

The vintage carriages are hauled by both steam and vintage diesel locomotives, thus recreating train journeys from the 1960’s. We also visit a number of historic places.

Click here for the podcasts.

To find out more about The Steam Dreams Rail Co. please click here.

US Rail Journeys

This stream is about travels across the United States using Amtrak’s long distance train services.

Series 1 covers journeys on the Coast Starlight (San Francisco to Portland), the Empire Builder (Portland to Chicago) and the California Zephyr (Chicago to San Francisco). I took these journeys in September and October 2017.

Series 2 covers journeys on the Southwest Chief (Los Angeles to Chicago), the City of New Orleans (Chicago to New Orleans), the Sunset Limited (New Orleans to Los Angeles), part of the route of the Coast Starlight (San Francisco to Los Angeles) and the Pacific Surfliner. In all 6,322 miles taken by train and rail replacement bus (the City of New Orleans broke down in Carbondale, Illinois).

Series 3 covers nearly 6,900 miles of journeys on the Silver Star (Miami to New York), the Crescent (New York to New Orleans), the Texas Eagle (Los Angeles to Chicago), the Lakeshore Limited (Chicago to New York) and  the Acela (New York to Boston).

I take this opportunity to thank the crews on all the Amtrak trains that I’ve taken for their humour, helpfulness and professionalism. A fantastic team!

For many isolated communities the Amtrak service, often a single train each day in each direction, is their only rail passenger service.

The individual podcasts are here

Click here to visit the Amtrak Home Page

Talking History

A series of talks by members of the Farnham u3a World History group.

The talks frequently cover both little known and unusual topics as well as better known subjects. They cover the period since 1500.

You’ll find talks such as ‘How the West was Lost’, ‘The Boer War and other Colonial Adventures’, ‘Spending a Penny’ and many others.

The podcasts are published throughout the year and they are here

Click on here to visit the Farnham u3a Home Page

Click here for details about the World History Group

Talking Business

An occasional series of talks from SFRD Services Limited because it is a consultancy specialising in:

  • Advice on business process improvements,
  • The planning and implementation of commercial systems projects,
  • Ideas for best practice in pricing.

The talks are based on over 40 years experience gained working both in the UK and overseas for large multinational organisations involved in the manufacture of products used across many industries, in healthcare, research and also the consumer sector.

The speakers experiences should help your company to avoid the mistakes made so often by others.

The podcasts are here.

The MrT’s Gardening Year

Follow Mr and Mrs T throughout their year in the garden. Share their trials and tribulations as seeds don’t grow and crops fail or there is either a drought or frost. Celebrate with them when their crops are a success and the flowers not only look beautiful but attract loads of pollinators.

As you’ll see everything depends on the weather and how much The MrT applies himself to the tasks in hand!

Listen to this series of podcasts here.

Potpourri – a little bit of everything

The purpose of this category is to publish one off  podcasts.

I publish these podcasts when I find something interesting that doesn’t fit in to the other streams.

Find the individual podcasts here.

Examples include:

  • The Mike Hawthorn Grand Prix de Farnham – here.
  • The Dean Forest Railway – here.
  • Steam Dreams at 20 – here.

Surrey’s Greener Future

This series of podcasts started because of an initiative by Surrey County Council to support local projects to tackle Climate Change. The podcasts cover:

  • Activities that we can take to make a difference
  • Local projects, selected  for support by the council.
  • Other initiatives of interest to all.

Listen to this series of podcasts here.

Life on the Watercress Line

The Watercress Line is a preserved heritage railway. 

It runs from Alton to Alresford in Hampshire and was built by the Alton, Alresford and Winchester Railway Company to connect to the existing lines at Alton and Winchester. It opened on 2 October 1865. The line earned its name because it carried much of the watercress grown on local farms.

British Railways closed the line in 1973; the section between Alton and Alresford was bought by the Mid-Hants Railway, a registered charity, and now services run throughout much of the year. In addition there are a number of ‘special feature’ days covered in these podcasts.

The individual podcasts are here

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