USRJ S3 Ep05 From Tampa to DeLand

From Tampa to DeLand via Lakeland- US Rail Journeys Series 3 Episode 5

As ‘From Tampa to DeLand via Lakeland’ begins we are starting on our return journey to Lakeland from Tampa. We are just about on schedule!

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Our return to the station, on the northern shore of Lake Mirror, coincides with heavy rain, thunder and lightning. The train crew need to wrap up well in order to keep dry on the platform.

The train needs to move forwards at the station to pick up our northbound passengers because it is too long for the platform. Because of this we leave late.


The rain is very heavy making it difficult to see out of the windows. As we approach Kissimmee the train crew put on their rain coats again!

The station is served by Amtrak and SunRail, the commuter rail system serving Greater Orlando. The station dates from 1883. It is the closest Amtrak station to Walt Disney World.


We arrive at Orlando station, also known as Orlando Health/Amtrak station. Amtrak and Sunrail trains use the station in addition to local and intercity buses. Both the Silver Meteor and Silver Star stop here.

The historic station dates from 1926 and is in Downtown Orlando about a mile south of the central business district. Orlando is Amtrak’s fifth busiest station in the south-eastern United States and the second busiest in Florida.

We have a long stop in Orlando and leave 43 minutes late.

Winter Park:

The modern station at Winter Park dates from 2014. The first station in the area was built in 1882.

It is completely dark by the time we arrive for our short stop. The dining car is doing good business.


We are 50 minutes late when we arrive at DeLand station. The station is about 3 miles west of downtown DeLand. It was formerly known as DeLand Junction. The station dates from 1918 and the last restoration was in 2007.

The station was a stop on the route of Sunset Limited until 2005 when the route was shortened to terminate in New Orleans.

It’s a pity that it is dark as I’m unable to see the station gazebo.

Next up:

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this podcast. Please join me in a couple of weeks for the next part of my journey on the Silver Star to New York.


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