Surrey’s Greener Future – Pilot

Episode 1 – Surrey’s Greener Future – Pilot

Welcome to the Surrey’s Greener Future – Pilot podcast.

In September 2019 Surrey County Council invited both individuals to submit ideas to help combat the climate crisis. Ten ideas were then selected from the submissions.

The Surrey’s Greener Future – Pilot podcast is about the workshop to kick-start these projects.

Chris Tisdall introduces the workshop and explains that there are three groups present:

  • The ‘ideas teams’.
  • Representatives of organisations sponsoring the programme.
  • A team from Surrey County Council to facilitate and bring other skills to the workshop.

Anna was there to create a graphic record of the day, the result is the picture below:

Click on one of the pictures below to see a larger copy:

The podcast continues with members of each team giving a brief description of their projects. After this there was time for discussion and reflection about the best ways forward.

Finally each team give their activity plan. The challenge is to complete the activities before the next workshop.

Find out more about Surrey’s Greener Future:

To find out more about the ‘design challenge’ please follow this link.

Listen to Mike Goodman, Cabinet member for Environment and Transport, at Surrey County Council. Click here  to find out more.

About the ‘Surrey’s Greener Future’ podcasts:

The next episode will be in a few weeks.

Please use any of the material to support your own initiatives to Combat Climate Change – each of us can make a difference!

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