Victoria and Albert (1)

Season 2018 / 2019 – Talk 12 a – Victoria and Albert (1)

Please note: This talk is in five parts and Victoria and Albert (1) is the first  part. Please scroll down to each part after listening to the previous part. There is a linked video after parts 1, 2, 4 and 5.

Nigel Mariott tells us about the lives of Victoria and Albert and their great love for each other. He brings humour to the talk and included a number of video clips. I have split the talk into five parts so that you can ‘click on the link’ to see the video at the appropriate place.

Victoria and Albert (1) starts with a view of Britain and its Empire in the early 1800s. Nigel continues with Victoria’s early life and her meeting with Albert in 1836.

The story continues with the Coronation in 1838. We then hear about Albert’s early life and their wedding in 1840. Nigel tells us about the influence of Lord Melbourne and the true love of Victoria and Albert.

This episode concludes with the showing of a trailer for the ITV series – click the link to view it.

I have converted the presentation used at the talk into a series of images as it is too large to load.

Please click on one of the images as you listen to the talk to open the gallery.

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