Season 2018 / 2019 – Talk 16 D – Aethelstan

David Simpson’s talk on Aethelstan is the last in a series of four short talks given at the end of the Summer ‘Term’ to the Farnham U3A World History Group.

David tells us that he is a forgotten King from the Dark Ages. Aethelstan was the first King of the English! As late as the Elizabethan age he was seen as a hero in stage plays.

Aethelstan destroyed the invader in 937 and preserved the English throne. He was famous across Europe.

It is not possible to include all the pictures shown in the original talk because of copyright limitations.

Please follow this link for the presentation that accompanies the talk.

This is the last talk in this series of Short Talks. The 2019 series of talks will begin in a few weeks.

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