Christmas Leave (part 1)

Episode 16 – Life on the Watercress Line – Christmas Leave (1)

Welcome to Christmas Leave (part 1), where I have the opportunity to travel with servicemen and their families. With Christmas just over those who had leave for Christmas are travelling back to base. Those who were on duty over Christmas are going home for a few days.

The Home Guard are very active in Christmas Leave (1) checking the identity cards of all the passengers. In addition they’re on the lookout for suspicious people – spies, black marketeers and others. I’m a little worried that they are helping people fill out and stamp their ID cards!

I get the opportunity to talk to some of the passengers who are out for the day. In this episode all the action takes place on the train as it is mid-Winter.

If you’ve enjoyed this podcast why not visit the Watercress Line on the weekend of 15th/16th June 2019 for War on the Line. This year commemorates the 75th Anniversary of the D Day landings. There will be lots to see at the stations and a regular train service. Full details on the Watercress Line website – click here.

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