Exhibition of Paintings (3)

Exhibition of Paintings (3)

Welcome to the Exhibition of Paintings (3) brought to you by the Farnham u3a Painting 1 group.

As it was pre-Covid 1
The group at the start of the project.

This is the third online Exhibition by the members of the Farnham u3a Painting Groups. The exhibition is of project work by Painting 1 over the past year. Painting 1 is the only group in this exhibition because this project only involves their members.

Pre Covid 2
Reviewing progress

In the podcast (at the top) Gloria Stock describes the three phases of the project. The pictures in the gallery (below) show you the results of the group’s work towards the three phases.

Socially distanced
Social distancing on the return to the Maltings

The Artists hope that you enjoy the pictures that they have painted. Although the project started in September 2019 many of these pictures have been painted since the end of March. We hope that you’ll find the three different phases of the project very interesting.

Post Lockdown 2
Self review is all we can do!

The Farnham U3A has three painting groups, because they are self led, with members who have a variety of skills, the members benefit from the skills of each other.

The three groups welcome new members, no matter their ability, and normally meet every two weeks. At the current time physical meetings, at the Maltings, are suspended.

You can find full details and contact information for the groups on the Farnham u3a website by clicking here.

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About this post:

You can find the Farnham u3a site here.

There are over 70 different groups, some are academic (literature, languages and history) and  others (painting, photography and computing) have a practical or creative focus. Others that are sporty, purely recreational or social; there is something for everyone.

Farnham u3a has  members with a rich pool of knowledge and talent who, in keeping with the ethos of the Third Age Trust, are willing to contribute their time.

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