Message in a Bottle (2)

Message in a Bottle (2)

Welcome to Message in a Bottle (2), the a store for the material in the second Flotsam and Jetsam e-Newsletter from Farnham U3A.

It doesn’t matter if you deleted the e-Newsletter – the important bits are here!

Groups on the go:

Learn how some groups are using technology to maintain momentum


Their new Facebook page lets members post and comment on images. The initial theme is ‘Black and White’. Members are invited to take new images or scour through their existing ones to see if monochrome is a better medium for some subjects.  They will also be directing members to a number of online photographic courses and resources to help maintain their interest in the coming weeks. For more click to contact Tony Watson

Spanish Advanced conversation

Using ZOOM technology the group had a very successful chat recently when were joined by Group Leader, Montse, from Barcelona. Instead of meeting alternative Wednesdays the group now meet every Wednesday for 40 minutes which makes best use of the free meeting time allowed by Zoom. A good way to continue the class! Adiós por ahora.

Book Worms

World Literature and Short Story groups are planning to share reviews by email. They’ll read the planned books or stories and see how it goes.  And if you are not a member of these groups, Surrey Libraries offer members an eBook service. You can download a wide range of books and audio books to keep your mind fit, all without having to go out – click here

Wine O’clock

The two Wine for Fun groups conquered technology and enjoyed a joint meeting on 30th March.  There was a lively discussion about the wines members are currently drinking and not a drop was spilt. For many this was their first time using Zoom – which shows you can teach an old dog new tricks! After this initial success they’re doing it again on Easter Monday.


A novel solution for when the gym is closed:

This man has created a DIY Treadmill; to see the video click here. It made us laugh, but please do not try it at home.

And finally:

Zoom meetings:

The instructions below have helped members connect. Feel free to read them and circulate them to others.

Zoom instructions

Tip for joining an online meeting: please sort out the software and your computer / tablet / ‘phone before the meeting. This is because the meeting host can’t tutor you during the meeting!

Community Tips

The Town Council, along with the Maltings and the Farnham Herald, has produced a useful fact-sheet full of help and advice for residents of Farnham and villages which is worth printing.  Click here.

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Please use this material to help you through the lock-down.

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