Steam Dreams 20th Anniversary

Steam Dreams 20th Anniversary follows a special steam train journey from London to Yeovil Junction on 17th December 2019. 350 passengers joined the train for the journey. The LMS locomotive the Duchess of Sutherland hauled the train. The route ran from Victoria Station to Yeovil Junction, stopping at Woking, Salisbury and Sherborne on the way.

The original train, on 16th December 1999, ran from Waterloo Station in London to Salisbury.

At Salisbury the passengers attended a ‘cake cutting’ ceremony on the platform. The Duchess of Sutherland took the opportunity to refill her tanks with water.

We then rejoined the train and continued our journey to Sherborne. Most of the passengers left the train in Sherborne so that they could visit the town. Many also attended a special Carol Service in Sherborne Abbey.

The rest of the passengers continued on the journey to Yeovil Junction. We were lucky that the earlier wet weather had cleared up. We were treated to a lovely sunset as our engine and train were serviced. The Duchess of Sutherland was turned on the turntable – a splendid sight.

The train then returned to London, stopping at Sherborne and Salisbury to pick up the returning passengers.

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