Surrey’s Greener Future – Workshop 2

Episode 3 – Surrey’s Greener Future – Workshop 2

Welcome to the Surrey’s Greener Future – Workshop 2 podcast.

In September 2019 Surrey County Council invited individuals and local groups to submit ideas to help combat the climate crisis. Ten ideas were then selected from the submissions.

The Surrey’s Greener Future – Workshop 2 podcast is about the second workshop designed to help these projects get off the ground.

Chris Tisdall introduced the workshop and then the members of eight of the teams described their projects. The teams also told us about their progress since the previous workshop, the issues they had uncovered and the questions for which they need answers.

The teams then went to work on their projects and used the resources available in the room. Staff from Surrey County Council, members of Kingston University and some of the sponsors were on hand to give help.

Click on one of the pictures below to see copies of the ‘flip charts’ created during the discussions:

Mike Goodman, the Surrey County Council Cabinet Member for Environment and Waste closed the workshop. He thanked the teams for their enthusiasm and promised to be at future meetings.

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To find out more about the ‘design challenge’ please follow this link.

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Please use any of the material to support your own initiatives to Combat Climate Change – each of us really can make a difference!

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