Canadian Pacific update part 2

Episode 24 – Canadian Pacific update part 2

Welcome to the Canadian Pacific update part 2, where I talk to Becky Peacock about the progress made to the boiler and Bulleid coaches over the past year.

The project is to restore the Merchant Navy class locomotive, number 35005, Canadian Pacific and two coaches.

Oliver Bulleid  designed the Merchant Navy class locomotives for the Southern Railway  early in the Second World War. They had many innovations – some worked well, others didn’t! He also designed the coaches.

Oliver Bulleid was a very persuasive person; this allowed him to produce such an innovative design.

Canadian Pacific was the fifth locomotive of the class built at the Eastleigh works in 1941. She entered service on 13 January 1942. Canadian Pacific  worked hard on passenger and freight trains during the war.

After the war the Merchant Navy class hauled the Southampton boat trains and ‘named’ expresses such as the Bournemouth Belle.

On 15th May 1965 Canadian Pacific, pulling a Bournemouth express, reached 105 m.p.h. She was travelling down the Winchester Bank.

Sadly Canadian Pacific was withdrawn from service later in 1965.

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