Guildford in 1914

Season 2019 / 2020 – Talk 14 – Guildford in 1914

In Guildford in 1914 Michael A’Bear takes us back to the events in the town at the start of World War One. He tells us that, until close to the outbreak, most people did not expect war.

How we were entertained

He introduces us to some of the people who were keeping us entertained. Charlie Chaplin who had joined the Keystone Studio and was developing his ‘tramp’ persona. George Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion opened in London in April 1914 starring Sir Herbert Tree and Mrs. Patrick Campbell.

W G Grace batted for the last time at Eltham Cricket Club on 25th July, aged 66. Brooklands Race track closed during the war and continued in its role as a flying training centre. It also be came a production, testing and supply centre for military aircraft.

As war became apparent

There was a degree of confusion. The situation resulted in conflicting news reports being published. The population became aware of the situation over a relatively short period.

There was some panic shopping and prices of some foodstuffs rose. The main suppliers in the town tried to calm the demand.

The Queens (Royal West Surrey Regiment)

The first battalion was based at Bordon and the third at Stoughton Barracks when war broke out. The second battalion was in Pretoria.

The third (reserve) battalion was also based in Guildford.

Michael tells us about their mobilisation and the reaction of the towsfolk as they marched to the station and set off for war.

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