U3A Open Meeting – Theme Africa – the French Foreign Legion

Welcome to this podcast of the Farnham U3A open meeting on this year’s theme Africa where Joanne Watson talks about the French Foreign Legion.

The Annual Theme is open to all Farnham U3A members. Meetings are usually held each month in the Barley Room of the Farnham Maltings (Maximum capacity 100 people). Most of the meetings are free, however some others are ticketed.

This podcast has been released so that those members who were not able to be present have the opportunity to listen to the talk.

Joanne covers the fascinating history of the Legion. She starts with the origins of the legion. Then she covers it’s successes and failures through the decades. Having started as part of the French push into Africa, with its main base in Algeria, the role has evolved and it has fought in many theatres across the world.

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