UKRJ S1 Ep16 Onwards to Crewe

Onwards to Crewe – UK Rail Journeys Series 1 – Episode 16

In Onwards to Crewe our journey continues along the North Wales Mainline to Chester and then south to Crewe where two steam locomotives are waiting for us to arrive.

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More closed stations

Our journey takes us through the sites of Queensferry, Sandycroft and Saltney Ferry stations, all closed because of the good Dr. Beeching’s work! The Class 47 is pulling us at a good speed and we are keeping to time.


We pass through Chester station. The station has Avanti West Coast services to Euston and Holyhead, Merseyrail services to Liverpool, Northern services to Manchester Piccadilly and Leeds, and Transport for Wales services to a host of destinations.

Once past Chester we cross the junctions for the Chester to Manchester Line and the Mid-Cheshire Line. We then pass through the sites of yet more stations closed by the Beeching Axe, at Waverton, Tattenhall Road, Beeston Castle and Tarporley, Calverley and Worleston.

Our journey also takes us near to the Crocky Trail which is a favourite adventure park for young and not so young!


We pass over the junctions for the West Coast Main Line and the Crewe to Manchester line before entering the historic Crewe station.

We say goodbye to Chris Fudge, our Class 47 locomotive as Mayflower and Bahamas are in steam and waiting to haul us for the rest of our journey to Paddington.

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Next up:

Join me in a couple of weeks as we continue our return journey to London.


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