Open Weekend on the Watercress Line – WC Ep. 8

Welcome to this podcast about the Open Weekend on the Watercress Line. The weekend enables you to go behind the scenes at this heritage railway and see what makes it steam. The weekend coincides with the Heritage Open Days programme and MHRPS members can come along for free.

There is an enhanced train service for the weekend with steam trains, the Hampshire diesel set and also freight train operations.

Becky Peacock, the project manager for the Canadian Pacific project, gave guided tours of the engineering works and the restoration projects.  There was a very interesting display about the role of women on the railways during the two World Wars.

I had the opportunity to visit the signal box at Ropley. Whilst I was there a non-stop freight train came through whilst a passenger train waited at the other platform.

Everyone who visited had a very interesting day out in beautiful weather. The dates of the Open Weekend on the Watercress Line for 2019 are the 14th and 15th September. For more details click this link.

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Author: Tim D

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