U3A Open Meeting – Theme Africa – the Three Rivers

Welcome to this podcast of the Farnham U3A open meeting on this year’s theme Africa where Michael A’Bear talks about the explorers of the Three Rivers of equatorial Africa- the Congo, Zambezi and the Nile.

The Annual Theme meetings are open to all Farnham U3A members. Meetings are usually held each month in the Barley Room of the Farnham Maltings (Maximum capacity 100 people). Most of the meetings are free, however some are ticketed.

This podcast has been released so that those members who were not able to be present have the opportunity to listen to the talk.

Imagine we are in the raging heat of Africa…….

The characters in this story were difficult people. One could be called surly, another was a violent bully. Others included a cheat and others were larger than life characters.

Michael starts by reviewing David Livingstone whose discoveries made him famous rather than his work as a missionary, where it is believed he only converted one person. The talk continues with Henry Morton Stanley (real name John Rowlands) who was born in Wales. He had gone to sea and then jumped ship in the USA. He served on both sides in the American Civil War and then became a journalist for the New York Herald.

Michael continues with Burton and Speke’s expedition, two people who didn’t like each other! Having returned to England Speke got funding for another expedition, this time with James Augustus Grant.

Michael then explores the career of Sam Baker. Baker has been described as being like Speke on Caffeine. He was disappointed that the source of the Nile had been discovered so set off and discovered Lake Albert.

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Author: Tim D

In the early 1970s Mr Timothy & his Phonograph was a popular mobile disco around Leeds University and Tim was known as MrT. Tim also spent 9 years broadcasting a weekly programme on Hospital Radio in Wakefield. He worked for more than 40 years for large industrial organisations and spent his last 15 years in global commercial management roles. Following retirement he started making podcasts in 2017.