UKRJ S1 Ep14 Snowdonia (2)

Snowdonia (2) – UK Rail Journeys Series 1 – Episode 14

It’s day 4 of The Welsh Dragon and we’re in Snowdonia. But before we set off I talk to Kate and Shaun, two of the seasoned Steam Dreams travellers.

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Yesterday’s trip with Kate and Shaun

Our seasoned travellers joined the boat trip to Puffin Island yesterday. We hear how much they enjoyed it and how much they learnt from the skipper’s commentary.

Our stop at Clogwyn:

Peris, our locomotive, has powered us up the mountain to the stop at Clogwyn. Peris hails from Hunslet in Leeds, an area with a history of building locomotives!

We disembark from the train. The views are unbelievable as we can see for miles because the weather is amazing! Frequently the mountain is shrouded in mist and cloud so little can be seen.

The return journey:

We re-board the train after 30 minutes for the journey back to Llanberis. Our train stops at one of the passing places to let a another train go up the mountain. We wait a little longer and a steam locomotive passes us because it is on a test run.

Llanberis lake railway:

We board our carriages on the narrow gauge railway that runs along Lake Padarn. Our journey is around 5 miles and we have an opportunity to get out and stretch our legs.

Thomas Bach, our engine, was built in Hunslet in 1904.

Listen to the podcast to hear the full story of our day.

Next up:

Join me in a couple of weeks for the start of our return to London.


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