The Repair Cafe Conference

Episode 8 – The Repair Cafe Conference

Welcome to the Repair Cafe Conference podcast which is made as part of the Surrey’s Greener Future initiative.

The University for the Creative Arts in Farnham hosted the Repair Cafe Conference on 12th March 2020. You can see the large number of delegates in the photographs.

The Repair Cafe concept started in the Netherlands, however there are now over 2,000 across the world.

Professor Martin Charter starts by welcoming the delegates and introducing the day’s agenda. Then Councillor Pat Evans, the Mayor of Farnham,  addressed the delegates. I caught up with her recently for an interview to include in this podcast.

The morning – information for the delegates:

The morning agenda:

  • Professor Wouter Spekkink, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, covers the 3rd Global survey of Repair Cafes. Interested in the full report? If so click here.
  • Professor Martin Charter talks about the Farnham Repair Café Visitor survey.
  • John Pearce delivers an analysis of the Farnham Repair Café activities.
  • Steve Privett on the CO2 Calculator and also the use of 3D Printing for repairs.
  • A panel discussion about key issues for Repair Cafés.
The afternoon – delegate discussion and feedback:
  • Speed networking giving delegates the opportunity to meet others.
  • Group discussions on the Lessons related to Product Repair.
  • Group discussions about Policy making implications at Local and Central Government levels.

Please note: in some places there are issues with the sound quality somyou will need to listen carefully!

Photographs from the day:

Click on one of the photographs below in order to see the gallery:

More information and webinar details:
  • Details of the Conference are here.
  • Managing Repair Cafes #sharerepair – the video of the webinar is at.
  • Repair Learning #sharerepair – the video of the webinar is here.
  • Repair Cafes in Lockdown #sharerepair – agenda for the webinar to be held on 14th July 2020 at 18.00 (BST).
  • Managing Repair Cafes #sharerepair – agenda for the webinar to be held on 25th July 2020 at 10.00 (BST).
  • A link to the Centre for Sustainable Design at the University for the Creative Arts Events page is here.

To contact the Repair Cafe Conference team please email

Click in order to find out more about the Farnham Repair Cafe.

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