Marconi (2)

Season 2018 / 2019 – Talk 13 b – Marconi (2)

Please note: This talk is in two parts and Marconi (2) is the second  part.  I regret that the sound quality varies during the recording due to issues with the PA system.

Alan Freeland continues to tell us about the life of Marconi. This episode, Marconi (2), starts with the technology that Marconi brought to the world. Alan also looks at a technology timeline between 1830 and 1900.

The talk looks at the start of the wireless service 2LO which, in 1922, became the BBC. Wireless was just one of the many innovations that came from Marconi and his company. It was in 1914 that he predicted the mobile telephone!

Alan continues with his talk taking a look at Marconi’s ladies. Although Marconi was married, he enjoyed the company of ladies – particularly on his transatlantic voyages.

On ships the radio operator was a Marconi employee, using Marconi equipment. This was all hired to the shipping line.

Towards the end of the talk Alan tells us about Marconi’s increasing feelings for Italy. These feelings included an unfortunate association with Mussolini.

Please note: the language used in some material published during Marconi’s life, mentioned in this talk, would not be acceptable if published today.

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