TH 19 20 T 25 Islamic Spain’s History through Art and Architecture

Season 2019 / 2020 – Talk 25 – Islamic Spain’s History through Art and Architecture

Islamic Spain’s History through Art and Architecture is a talk by Alan Freedland. He splits his talk into 5 sections.

Alan uses many illustrations in the talk. Where copyright allows I use the original illustrations, however where the images are copyright I try to find substitutes. Where there are substitutes I have included those however, because I am unable find non copyright images in some cases, some are omitted.

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Historic context:

In the first part of the talk Alan tells us about the historical context and looks at Islamic Toledo.

By the year 750 the Kingdom of Asturias, in Northern Spain, is the only part of Spain not under Islamic rule. Because of this the Christian campaign to retake Spain starts from here.

Islamic Emirate and Caliphate:

The second part of the talk is about the Islamic Emirate and Caliphate with reference to Cordoba.

In this period of Muslim rule Christian and Jewish citizens are important members of society because they bring different skills.

Muslim Art in the Christian cities:

Alan tells us about Seville in the third part of talk. We look at the Alcazar in great detail, we spend time looking at the different parts during the period between 1200 and 1390.

The end of Islamic rule:

We travel to Granada to learn about the end of Islamic rule in Spain and, above all, look at the importance of the Alhambra.

Post 1614:

Finally, in the years and centuries following the end of Islamic rule we learn about the Moorish Revival and how it affects Spanish Art and Architecture.

You can hear about all of this and much more by listening to the full podcast.

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