TH2023 Ep07 The Glorious Revolution

Season 2023 – Talk 07 – The Glorious Revolution

In The Glorious Revolution Andrew Cole tells us about the events of 1688 and questions whether it really was a revolution.

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James II and Catholicism:

James converts to the Catholic faith in 1669 while his brother, Charles II, is on the throne. When Charles dies on 6th February 1685 he has no legitimate children and so James becomes King even though he is a Catholic.

James succeeds to the thrones of England, Ireland and Scotland and has widespread support in all three countries. This is because the principles of eligibility based on divine right and birth are widely accepted by those with power.

Although people are willing to tolerate his Catholicism this doesn’t extend to other members of the Catholic religion. James tries to give preference to Catholics but Parliament resists. He then tries to rule by decree.


Although Charles has no legitimate heir there are illegitimate offspring. The eldest is James Scott, 1st Duke of Monmouth. He co-ordinates a rebellion in England’s West Country with one in Scotland under Archibald Campbell, 9th Earl of Argyle.

The rebellion ends at the Battle of Sedgemoor with the defeat of the rebels. Monmouth, a nephew of James, is executed and many of his followers suffer at the Bloody Assizes of Judge Jeffreys. Some are executed and others are transported to the colonies.

Birth of a Catholic Heir:

James has two daughters, Mary, the wife of William of Orange and Anne. Whilst they are his heirs people are willing to tolerate his Catholicism. On 10 June 1688 James’ wife gives birth to a son, James Francis Edward, later to become the ‘Old Pretender’.

Discussions with William about taking the crown intensify. James flees.

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