The Sunset Limited (1)

The Sunset Limited (1) – US Rail Journeys Series 2 Episode 12

At the station:

The Sunset Limited (1) begins when I arrive at the station in New Orleans, its quite early in the morning and I need breakfast. I’m able to get something to eat and drink in the Magnolia Room. The Magnolia Room is the Amtrak equivalent of an airport lounge.

The Union Station retains the style of the 1950s, it opened in 1954 .

Our train:

Our boarding call is in good time for a prompt departure. I have the time to take a few photographs and spend a little time talking to the station staff.

The carriage where my Roomette is located is the newest I’ve travelled in. No signs of wear! I put my things in the Roomette and walk down to the Observation car where I will spend much of the journey.

We’re off:

We pass through the Amtrak service yards shortly after leaving the station. Carriages and locomotives are being prepared for their next journeys.

We soon cross the Mississippi on the Huey P Long bridge. It opened in 1935. The bridge, and approach viaducts, are some 4.5 miles long. The bridge was named after a Louisiana State Governor and Senator. He was assassinated a couple of months before the bridge opened.

Into the Bayous:

Our journey takes us into the Bayou country. Here we see swamps, forests and slow moving water. If we are lucky we might see an alligator – sadly not this time.

We travel through some small communities. This really is a beautiful part of the world.


I learn that one of the major crops in this part of the world is rice. Rice farming is big business here. We pass the ‘paddy’ fields where the rice is grown as we travel onward.

The photographs that accompany the podcast:

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Next up:

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this podcast. Please join me in two weeks for the next episode where I continue my journey on the Sunset Limited  along the southern border of the United States towards Los Angeles.


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